Kevin Baker, DM

Administrator - Los Angeles Unified School District (Former)

Roger Billings, DR

Director - Acellus Research Center, Institute of Science & Technology

Carey Cunningham

Virtual Learning Coordinator, St. Louis Public Schools
Principal - Simmons Elementary, St. Louis Public Schools

Jim Gillen

President, U.S. Global Education
Founder - Chaffey Online Learning Academy (Former)

Jaenelle Lampp

Superintendent - Oak Run Elementary (California)
Review Committee Member - Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC)

Professor Carole McArthur, M.D., Ph.D.

University of Missouri - Kansas City

Nguyen Quang, Ph.D

Founder - Spring Hill Academy (Vietnam)

Kent Taylor

Superintendent - Lennox School District (California)

Kimberly Bergey

Teacher - Yukon-Kyukuk District (Alaska)
Superintendent - Denali BSD (Former)

Preston Carr, Ed.D.

‎Director of Alternative Education, Chino Valley Unified School District
Co-Principal, Ayala High School

Donald L. (Dusty) Delso, Ph.D.

Executive Director - Cherokee Nation Education Services (Former)
Director of Education - Wright Career Colleges (Former)

Laura Lee Grace

Past President - Junior League of Kansas City
Past Chairman of the Board - Sunset Hill School (Now Pembroke Hill School)

Craig Lenahan

Chief Information Officer - C-CO Technology
Chief Information Officer - Virtual CIO

Samuel B. O. Olantunbosun, Ph.D.

Director of Undergraduate Programs (Computer Science) - Norfolk State University

Maria Sanchez, DR

President - International Academy of Science

Lawrence Walsh

Past School President - St. Joseph High School (New Jersey)