Schools seeking WGNA Accreditation will compare their programs to the standards of the iNACOL’s National Standards for Quality Online Programs. The four major areas of review are Institutional Standards, Teaching and Learning Standards, Support Standards and Evaluation Standards.

iNACOL’s standards are designed to schools with a set of quality guidelines for online course content, instructional design, technology, student assessment, and course management.

Institutional Standards

Institutional standards address the organization’s vision, mission, philosophy and beliefs. The institutional standards define those elements critical to creating the operational framework of the online program, including the governance, leadership, resources, and organizational commitment to meet the program’s vision and mission.

  • Standard A - Mission Statement
  • Standard B - Governance
  • Standard C - Leadership
  • Standard D - Planning
  • Standard E - Organizational Staffing
  • Standard F - Organizational Commitment
  • Standard G - Financial and Material Resources
  • Standard H - Equity and Access
  • Standard I - Integrity and Accountability

Teaching and Learning Standards

Teaching and learning standards focus on how an online program develops or chooses its curricula; how the program’s teachers deliver that curriculum to students; and how students’ progress in the curriculum is assessed.

  • Standard J - Curriculum and Course Design
  • Standard K - Instruction
  • Standard L - Assessment and Student Performance

Support Standards

Support standards address the organization’s academic, administrative, guidance and technical services that are critical to meeting the needs of all participants in the online program.

  • Standard M - Faculty
  • Standard N - Students
  • Standard O - Guidance Services
  • Standard P - Organizational Support
  • Standard Q - Parents and Guardian

Evaluation Standards

A culture of continual program improvement is critical in becoming a quality online program and maintaining that status.

  • Standard R - Program Evaluation
  • Standard S - Program Improvement

WGNA supports schools in their implementation of iNACOL’s standards with the goal of ensuring that all students have access to a world-class education and quality online learning opportunities that prepare them for a lifetime of success.