• About WGNA

WGNA Accreditation Overview

The Web-learning Global Network Alliance is a specialized accreditor for K-12 schools. WGNA supports schools that educate students via web-learning under the guidance of certified teaching staff. WGNA's accreditation process includes a thorough peer review of the school’s self-review and evaluation process.

Background for K-12 Accreditation

In 1985, a conglomerate of K-12 private school accreditation agencies requested federal recognition of their programs from the U.S. Department of Education. The Department’s General Counsel ruled that it had no statutory to recognize any elementary or secondary accrediting agency. As a result of this 1985 ruling, efforts to obtain recognition from the Department of Education for K-12 accreditation programs ceased. Although the U.S. Department of Education does maintain a listing of approved accreditation agencies, its scope is limited to agencies that accredit higher education institutions.

“The U.S. Department of Education does not have the authority to accredit private or public elementary or secondary schools, and the Department does not recognize accrediting bodies for the accreditation of private or public elementary and secondary schools. However, the U.S. Department of Education does recognize accrediting bodies for the accreditation of institutions of higher (postsecondary) education. If an accrediting body which is recognized by the Department for higher education also accredits elementary and secondary schools, the Department's recognition applies only to the agency's accreditation of postsecondary institutions."

–Source: U.S. Department of Education

Purpose of WGNA Accreditation

The emergence and growth of web-learning programs has mandated the need for schools to discover new evaluation models to benchmark the quality of their programs. WGNA was formed to address this need by providing an accreditation model which empowers web-learning schools to meet high standards of excellence in K-12 education.

WGNA works with schools to validate best practices, provide training, and offer guidance to school teams implementing technology-based instruction.

WGNA’s accreditation programs are anchored in standards that set the threshold and ascribe to quality guidelines for school governance; leadership; organizational staffing; strategic planning; financial and material resources; curriculum and course design; instruction; assessment of student performance; faculty; guidance; organizational support; parental involvement; program evaluation; and program improvement.

The WGNA accreditation process includes a comparative school-wide self-study of programs. The primary purpose of WGNA accreditation is to encourage and recognize the attainment of goals and standards for schools offering web-learning programs. WGNA accreditation provides these schools with a model of continuous quality improvement through a voluntary and comprehensive self-review process of evaluation.