• Accreditation Process

WGNA Accreditation Process

WGNA accreditation is a six-year continuous cycle of K-12 school-wide support for student improvement. Schools demonstrate the accountability, intensity, and proficiency to support high-quality student learning and ongoing school improvement.

The WGNA system supports schools with an ongoing improvement process including goal-setting strategies, implementation of practice, assessment of data, and annual benchmark refinement of the school-wide action plan. Schools submit appropriate reports and reviews during the six-year accreditation cycle continuous process of improvement.

The steps of accreditation include:

  • Filing of application and fees with WGNA
  • Completion a schoolwide self-study of programs
  • Host a site review with a WGNA evaluation team
  • Commission review of findings and accreditation award ruling

WGNA's accreditation is focused specifically on the implementation of web-learning within a school. School applicants are required to have regional accreditation for their institution in addition to WGNA accreditation.